About Harmony Musical Productions


Harmony Musical Productions is a professional music and musical theatre production company founded in Bellingham, Washington by entertainment veterans Cat Christ, Erin O'Reilly, and Laurien Towers.


Driven by a desire to create and enable harmony for anyone anytime anywhere, the idea of HMP was conceptualized with a format currently non-existent in the area:

Completely transportable musical productions and a pool of professional talent making it possible for our clients to have their own musical event in virtually limitless locations. 


We offer both public and private shows, wherever harmony is needed!

About the founders


Co-Founder & Artistic Director

CAT CHRIST began her journey in professional entertainment over 40 years ago. Her voice has been heard on stages across the country from Florida to Hawaii in countless theatrical productions and musical appearances as a solo act and with groups and bands she has fronted vocals for. She has also worked in television, film, and voiceover, and is a member of the Screen Actors Guild.

The HMP format and concept has been a vision of Cat's for years, and she is thrilled to see it come to fruition as a unique opportunity to promote harmony and joy through her passion for creation and music.

Erin O'Reilly

Co-Founder & Administrative Director

Erin fell in love with dancing, singing, acting, and costuming at

an early age, with dance always at the forefront.  

She has attended and taught dance classes in Washington, California, Arizona, and the Carolinas. She has also performed musically over the past 20 years in Bellingham and California. 

Erin has an instinctive ear for harmony and eye for design, color, light, space, movement, costuming, props, and the mechanics onstage and behind the scenes operational detail.

She loves combining the talents of the performers in Harmony Musical Productions.        

Laurien Towers

Co-Founder & Former Executive Producer

Laurien began her diversified career of over 30 years as one of the producers of LIVE AID, immediately followed by several live global telecasts. 

She has produced and directed multi-cultural events internationally, including with Eastern Bloc nations, as well as concerts, animation, film, and theatre.

With a passion for creating moments that uplift and honor diversity, she enables a global perspective and believes that through music, film, and live events, people everywhere can experience a sense of oneness and bonding beyond apparent differences, helping to create a world that works for all.


*Laurien has now left HMP to follow her path in California ...

... but Cat and Erin will always leave the door open and a light on for her.

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