Harmony Rewards!

Being a Harmony Musical Productions patron isn’t just fun and entertaining, it’s also rewarding!

We have several rewards programs available to anyone for the taking. So take!

Best Dressed

Show us what you’ve got! Every HMP production is thematic and we encourage anyone and everyone to attend shows dressed however they interpret the theme.

At every show we will choose one best dressed audience member, and the winner gets a Best Dressed Certificate and a Harmony Musical Gift!

Participation Trophy Raffle

Good job, you showed up! Yay! That means you win a raffle ticket. During intermission of every show we will pick a raffle ticket, and the winner gets a Harmony Musical Gift!

Frequent Harmonizer

Addicted to HMP? Well, why wouldn’t you be? Let’s reward that addiction, shall we?

Every time you attend a public HMP production you get 5 points on your Frequent Harmonizer card.

When you reach 50 points, you get a Harmony Musical Gift!

Pied Piper

Are you an instigator? Have people said you’re a bit pushy? Awesome!

When you refer anyone to us who books an HMP production, you get $15.

So go ahead, pester your family and friends. They have to love you anyway!

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